We Want The Lactouse




Josh Masters


Psychedelic Rock, Rock


Stop It Now!

We Want The Lactouse is a song written by Josh Masters for The Peepz' first studio album, Join in.


The song was recorded in two days, with 21 takes of the difficult keyboard part. After getting past the hurdle in the beginning, the rest of the song fell into place, being complete within two hours.


When Josh sat down to write a song for the coming album, he thought long and hard about past experiences, most notably about Boss B. Boss, and Zach Narklar. From what he claims, This song is written as a homage to the two of them, and recounts their tale.


Josh Masters - Songwriter, Guitar, Vocals

Quinn illizzam - Keyboard, Vocals

Ronald Kotis - Bass, Vocals

Pennsylvania Bachman - Drums

William Dawkins Thomas - Producer

Discography in The Peepz

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