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Krieg of the Kin

Pieces of the Planet

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The Problem with Ultima

Man and The Mayor

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Zack: The Bounty Hunter



Corporate Sabotage

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We are the Peepz! Part 1: Musicia

Absolute Zero

The Fractured Fourton! Part 1: Planet Radia

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Winter Colympics: Get the Gold!

Accros: Home of the Super Troops

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Ultima is a Cubed Planet with many Lush Greenery that was split off of Mazultia. It's home to Josh Everstrike, who has a home carved into a mountain in Argon.



Ultima was half of the remains from the split Mazultia. During this event, large cracks were formed right in the middle of the helpless planet, with almost no way of undoing the event. Resources and water flew over to both side, beginning the formation of 2 new planets in it's place.

With the populations of the 2 newly formed planets, riots begun to form all over the place, with what seemed like no end of the chaos. Many deaths occured, wiping out entire cities, and ultimatly killing off 88% of the original Population. The planets finally split in the midst of the havoc, and the remains wandered off to start anew.

Lava YearsEdit

A sole tribe formed in the ruined wasteland of the newly formed Ultima. At this time, many dangerous creatures and monsters were at large and prospering, posing as a threat to the lonely community. Many suffered through famine, constant drought, and regular attacks from the carnivorous monsters nearby.

This all changed when a young man by the name of Adrian Everstrike planted the last tree in a small oasis far off from the tribe. This set the cource for a massive outburst in foilage, causing the planet to fells colder, yet contain more and more of a stable atmosphere for the lonely tribe to grow and prosper.

However, Adrian's glory would be diminished when another man, known as the The Cheiftain, took credit for all of his hard work. This Shame would later pass on for a few Generations, up until Josh Everstrike's role in Operation: UMKAZ.

A New Beginning YearsEdit

Josh, The Mayor, and everyone else Forged their Tribes into cities. Each one was able to prosper, and start more communities.