The Planet Saga

The planet saga is the second series in UMComics. It contains 19 comics.

Comics (In order):Edit

  1. Superherios
  2. We are the Peepz! Part 1: Musicia
  3. We are the Peepz! Part 2: Battle of the Bands
  4. We are the Peepz! Part 3: Join in
  5. Attack of the Drums of Death
  6. Aquarium
  7. The Assassin
  8. Absolute Zero
  9. Space Pirate Battle Royale!
  10. The Fractured Fourton! Part 1: Planet Radia
  11. The Fractured Fourton! Part 2: Planet Pokemonia
  12. The Fractured Fourton! Part 3: Planet Underfistia
  13. The Fractured Fourton! Part 4: Planet Cinemia
  14. Out of Proportion
  15. A Nice Evening with Johnny Delmone
  16. Amazing Races
  17. Inside the Infected's Lair!
  18. Winter Colympics: Get the Gold!
  19. Fin's Redemption

Notable Characters:Edit

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