The Final Saga is the sixth and final series in Ultima and Mazania Comics. It contains the most comics, with 25.


1. Purely An Open Book

2. Echoes and Empty Rooms

3. Yesterday

4. The End of The Band

5. Genesis: Series 1

6. Genesis: The Planet Saga

7. Genesis: Operation: UMKAV

8. Genesis: The Vacation Saga

9. Genesis: TSATOSS

10. Missing in Action

11. Three Panel Series


13. A Brand new Band

14. The Best Day Ever

15. The Great Message from Ultima

16. The Worst Day Ever

17. The End?

18. Life and Death

19. With Josh's Pleasure...

20. Return To Sender

21. A Modest Walk

22. Going Postal

23. Three-Sided Fight!

24. The End

25. Epilouge

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