The Beginning




Quinn illizzam, Josh Masters


Experimental Rock, Noise Rock

The Beginning is a short song by The Peepz. It appears as the second song on their first studio album, Join in.


This song, despite being less than a minute, took a week to record because of the many sound effects and technical changes that were needed. The lyrics (Written by Masters) took three days to be finalized, and even then he didn't feel they were correct.

Unlike the other songs on the album, this one has a very high reverb level, most prominently on the words "THE BEGINNING". This is due to the interest Quinn and Josh had with making it feel hollow, making room for their ideas to grow and lourish around the track.


Josh Masters - Songwriter, Lead Guitar

Quinn illizzam - Songwriter, Keyboard, Vocals

Pennsylvania Bachman - Drums

Ronald Kotis - Bass

William Dawkins Thomas - Producer

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