Some Day I'll Find It




Ronald Kotis


Soft Rock

Some Day I'll Find It is a song written by Ronald Kotis for The Peepz' debut studio album, Join in.


Ronald wrote this song purely to show his band members that he can write a good song. When initially introduced, he was often made fun of for it's existence, mostly by Quinn.

For the song to be featured on the coming album, It had to be recorded in less than a week without the help of Ronald's fellow bandmates. Ronald, as untalented as he was, still didn't back down from the challenge, and produced the entire song in six days with the help of William Dawkins Thomas.


All of the lyrics in the song are random words Ronald put together that fit with the instrumentals.


Ronald Kotis - Songwriter, Bass, Lead Guitar, Drums, Keyboard, Vocals

William Dawkins Thomas - Producer

Discography in The Peepz

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