Ronald Kotis

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7 April, 3153



Ronald Kotis is the bass player for The Peepz. He is one of the four main protagonists in the Ultima and Mazania Comics series.


Ronald Kotis is a selfish, lazy snob who follows the protagonists around in their spaceship. In his free time, when not messing with electronics or writing bad fanfiction, he would tease and harass (rarely go so far as to physically hurt) the other members he lives with, most notably Quinn illizzam.

Ronald is obsessed with the popular comic "Upperkick", to the extent that he has an entire wall of memorabilia in his room. His bass is shaped like a leg, with a foot jutting outward, with the text "UPPERKICK" written prominently on the neck.


Born in Musicia, Ronald believes he is destined to become one of the greatest musicians in the known universe. However, his dedication devastatingly crippled his chances of accomplishing his dream without even realizing it. He chose to pace himself away from music as possible, preforming various odd jobs until someone picked him up. Some of these jobs included becoming an electrician, a bodyguard, and a fry-cook at a nondescript diner.

It was not until the world's festival in Musicia that he was picked up by the current party of Quinn illizzam, Josh Masters, and Pennsylvania Bachman. As a bodyguard, Ronald made almost no effort to keep them out, even when they threatened to leave and go to another enterance. A minute after he allowed them backstage, he realized his mistake and decided to pursue them, leaving the back door wide open.

When he did catch them, they were in the bright lights of the main stage. From the environment, he was decived into thinking they were an actual band, and decided to join them as bass player onstage. After the show, he quit his bodyguard job and became an official member of the band for his duties.

Since then, he went on the various adventures with the gang.

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