Life Expectancy


This planet is the home of everything music. This is the location the first ever Peepz concert, and where they meet Ronald. Musicia is a planet that is so musical, it has 19 different anthems. Sadly, it is also a host for the evil band, The Inzanz, who's hideout is at the east center of the planet's Circular shape.

Child HistoryEdit

When babies are born, they get rayed by a Musicala Ray, a gun that gives him/her the knowledge to play any instrument of his/her choice permanently.

After they're graduated from High School, They go to a facility called a Workitorium. This will help an average person decide his/her job. They are given a form filled with Multiple Choice Questions, and Short answer ones, as well. After they hand it in to the Clerk, He puts it in a device that calculates the job that they'd be most skilled in.


99.98% of the population is of people who know how to play an instrument. The other .0099998% is a group, on the other side of the planet, who had a problem with Music, and got shuned. These people are called the Nortists. They live under ground so they don't have to hear the music. Thd Inzanz are the other .0000001% of the planet Musicia. They have a hideout on every planet in the Acabor System including Musicia.