0 (Prior to Operation: UMKAV) 791 (Since Operation: UMKAV)

Life Expectancy:


Appears in:



Corporate Sabotage

The Return of the Master

A Nutty Adventure

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Zach: The Bounty Hunter

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Kordus is an isolated barren planet in the star system of Horo.

Environment Edit

The Kordus environment consists of very little water. As a result, most of the planet is completely devoid of life.


The planet, from it's formation, started as a desert atmosphere, first planet from the sun. Over time, it's water supply was buried under many layers of rock, that would hollow into underground caves.

Not much has been known about the planet until the year 2461, when a party of settlers from the planet Agroboth explored the land in search of migration from their decaying planet. They had attempted to create a device that would help extract water from the underground, and quickly creating a habitable atmosphere to live in. Unfortunately, they died of dehydration before it was completed.

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