Shari Wayward is one of the remaining Survivors of the Mayor's attack on Econia.


Early YearsEdit

Shari was Born in Sandton on May 13, 3151. Her father is unknown, but her mother is named Maxi Wayward. She met Josh Collins in Elementary school, along with Luke Derker, and Joe Hergrev.

She survived the attack by hiding in an underground cave, which later became her home for a few years. In that amount of time, she hid in the shadows out of The Mayor's sight.

One night, a mysterious liquid from one of the Mayor's Factories spilled out into the cave, flooding it entirely. Shari should've drowned, but the liquid gave her extraordinary abilites. She could turn into a ghost, and can stay underwater for a long time. However, she lost all memory of he childhood, including the existance of Josh.