Life Expectancy


Hydror is the planet Quinn and Josh go to after getting spaced out. It is an all under water planet exept for two patches of land, one is big enough for all the under water haters. The second was made entirely out of Mayornoply's Trash, where The gang have to colonize later on. While under water, Quinn and Josh are given helmets for under water, revealing their Under Water Form.


Early YearsEdit

Hydror was actually like earth at one time, but the citizens were big fans of hairspray, so Global warming came faster, and flooded the planet like earth. This became Hydror. The under water people, a.k.a., the waterians, adapted to their aquatic habitat, and made the City of Salt.

Later YearsEdit

They were in the middle of Building Above Ground homes, filled with water, until Infected Rocker Showed up. He caused massive Damage to The City of Salt, and ruined the schematics to The new Homes. He built a cave nearby, containing portals to his other hideouts.

A year later, A tomb was discovered right below the city, revealing a prophacy. It started with the world flooding, then Infected Rocker destroying the place, and then 2 men: one with a cap, the other with a sweat band, Fighting the malicious Beast (Infected Rocker), and saving the city. Turns out, that was SUPPOSED to happen. In the end, It shows that they eventually adapt back to land creatures. Someday.....