Josh Masters


Space Rock

42 is the very first song written by Josh, prior to the events of UMComics. It is the final track on The Peepz' first album, Join in, as well as a B-Side to the single, We Are The Peepz.


42 was recorded in two 12-hour sessions, taking a full day to be completed. The song is marked primarily by it's existence as the only song of it's kind in any Peepz albums.

The song was initially going to be a soft rock ballad; The recording session changed it in responce to a radio broadcast stating The Peepz' music is "too soft".

It was Josh's idea on who would sing as vocals - Pennsylvania Bachman.


Josh claimed he wrote the song about his wish to leave Ultima. He began writing it a month during hiding, but he encountered the question, "Where would he go?", which forced him to put the song on hold. He didn't finish until mere hours after contacting Quinn, leaving the song in limbo for a whole year.


Josh Masters - Songwriter, Lead Guitar

Quinn illizzam - Keyboard

Pennsylvania Bachman - Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Ronald Kotis - Bass

William Dawkins Thomas - Producer

Discography in The Peepz